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HORIZONT BLAU - FELD GRAU  Three installations in response to the First World War as part of the www.52x.esslingen.de project
Beinhaus, City Archive, Esslingen am Neckar, Germany
June 2015
Fallen Seed - John Howes
Untitled - Rosy Albrecht
Oh what a Lovely War - Christophe Carmellino
Rosy Albrecht's installation shows a female perspective of the Great War. Women and housewives were often left to forage for food in the surrounding countryside to survive and bring up their families - eggs being a valuable foodstuff symbolising new life.
Christophe Carmellino's work takes inspiration from Richard Attenborough's film Oh What a Lovely War! His installation shows photographic images of soldiers from all the nations that took part in the War dressed in all their finery as they left for the Front.
Fallen Seed by John Howes work references the analogy between the cornfield and the battlefield. In this installation, ears of corn have been carefully fixed to a white monolithic wall - the ears of corn having been thrashed of life, scattering their seed across the ground.